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Stories from School Communities
Jamie Williams and Oscar Reed have been facilitating Circles and Circle trainings in schools for over twenty years. Here are comments they have received about Circles from students.
Comments from students who were asked: "Do you think being involved in Circles has been helpful and meaningful?"
  • "Circles help me get through my day"
  • "I can talk about my problems"
  • "This changes people"
  • "We get to know each other better"
  • "It helps us get things off of our chest"
  • "We need it more often than twice a week"
  • "It helps me figure out what I need to do"

Students were then asked, "What is one thing you really enjoy about the Circle?"

  • "Talking about things that help me when I leave"
  • "How everyone tries to stay positive"
  • "Getting to express myself and tell how I feel"
  • "It is relaxing"
  • "We are respectful and we work together"
  • "Our deep conversations"
  • "It helps me get through the day and helps me think through my problems"
  • "We learn to Trust so we can talk about anything"

On being asked, "Would other students enjoy or benefit from being in a Circle?" every student that filled out the evaluation said “yes.”

We [Jamie Wiliiams and Oscar Reed] spent one whole day with high school students in Circle before we provided training to their administration, teachers and other staff...the following were written on a Thank You card we received:

  • "I feel so much wiser after the RJ Training with you guys and I’m ready to take on any challenges the administrators throw my way."
  • "You injected me with your vibrant energy and passion for life. I opened my heart and you listened. I shared my Dreams and you encouraged me. I cried and you gave me hope. This has restored my life completely. Please never stop teaching because it was not a Training, it was a life lesson that people need to learn. From the bottom of my heart, Gracias."
  • "I don’t think I have experienced such a level of calmness, relaxation and connectedness since being in the Circle Training with you guys...I’m never going to forget that day!"
  • "I saw and heard things that really opened my eyes. Thank you for bettering our school and being advocates for Restorative Justice."
  • "This Training and both of you helped us in ways that no one has. I’m so grateful to have met you both."
  • "This Training and you guys have helped me so much. You guys helped me better myself Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally. I now think as a better person and feel like a new renewed different person."
  • "My whole life I’ve never experienced such a powerful connection between total strangers! To me, it felt so strong and amazing deep inside of me. I don’t know if what I said was understandable, but since that day I felt relieved, like something heavy in my heart was swept away. I have nothing to give you in return but a THANK YOU for your time, your kind words and your listening."
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