Living Justice Press

Board of Directors
Living Justice Press is governed by an active board that seeks balance in its composition:

* balance in people with experience in restorative justice and publishing

* balance in people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ethnicities

Chair: Kay Pranis

Kay Pranis is one of the co-founders of Living Justice Press and has served on LJP’s board since its incorporation in 2002. For eight years, she also served as LJP’s Board Chair. Indeed, her work on the peacemaking Circle process and the shared desire to make the Circle work more broadly available were the motivations for founding LJP.

Kay has been an enduring mainstay of Living Justice Press from the start, giving generously of her time, gifts, energies, and resources. She carries LJP’s books to the Circle trainings she gives nationally and internationally. We are immensely grateful that she is LJP’s Senior Editor for our publishing work on Circles.

Vice Chair: Yako Tahnahga 

Yako is a teacher and guide who works with women and healing. She is of  Mohawk and Ojibwe ancestry.

Secretary/Treasurer: Don Johnson


Don is a prosecuting attorney for the Juvenile Justice Division of the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is also a Circle trainer and national speaker on restorative justice.


Denise Breton, see under "Staff"

Alexis Goff

Maria Mazarra

Maria is co-founder of Ancestral Trail, whose mission is to educate the general public about the accurate history and cultural contributions of the Ojibwe and Dakota of the Midwest. She is a graphic designer and visual artist who has taught in both disciplines for over 30 years.

Board Members Emeritus

Mary Joy Breton

Loretta Draths

Deb Feeny

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