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On Circles

Reclaiming Youth at Risk - Circle of Courage:

The Circle of Courage is a model of positive youth development first described in the book Reclaiming Youth at Risk, co-authored by Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bockern. The model integrates Native American philosophies of child-rearing, the heritage of early pioneers in education and youth work, and contemporary resilience research. The Circle of Courage is based in four universal growth needs of all children: belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. 

Circle Trainers:

This is the Web site of experienced Circle trainers Don Haldeman and Jacqueline Bishop, who have trained hundreds of people on circle process, including one whole school district from top to bottom; administrators, teachers, social workers and guidance personnel. They have taught (along with their mediation partners) mediators, probation officers,lawyers, teachers, social workers, drug and alcohol counselors and many community members. They have also trained staff at two juvenile residential treatment programs, the most recent being Mars Home For Youth in Mars, PA. They have also offered their training through the Juvenile Court Judges Commission in Pennsylvania.

Peace of the Circle:

Peace of the Circle is an international organization founded by Dr. Evelyn Zellerer. We offer training, facilitation and presentations on peacemaking circles and restorative justice. We work with a wide range of organizations and groups, including government agencies, non-profits, businesses, schools, police, corrections and communities. For more information, visit


An education and service company, PeerSpirit explores the potentials of an original group-process methodology, namely, council. Their premise is that council, or circle, is the common root of all cultures, a tradition that can take us from the campfire to the future. Council facilitates a level of conversation that allows groups of people to accomplish goals through an integrated experience of heart and mind. PeerSpirit councils have occurred among people in businesses, corporations, non-profit associations, universities and schools, religious, and civic organizations, and personal groups. PeerSpirit methodology is working throughout the US, Canada, and in thirty-five other countries.

Girls Circle:

The Girls Circle Association seeks to promote girls' resiliency and connection by equipping group facilitators with skills and resources to hold Girls Circles in their communities.

Their purpose is to encourage the development of strength, courage, confidence, honesty, and communication skills for girls. Their goal is to enhance girls' abilities so they are able to take full advantage of their talents, academic interests, career pursuits, and potential for healthy relationships. Girls Circle Facilitator Training aims to furnish adults with the knowledge, skills, and support to effectively facilitate Girls Circles.

CenterPoint, Inc.:

Center Point has expertise in three Circle processes, aimed at transforming conflict and building trusting teams, especially in the business world: Corporate Circles, Executive Circles, and Circle Meetings.

Their other services include mediation, investigation of harassment or abuse in the work place, conflict coaching, and training.


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