Living Justice Press

Submission Guidelines

Living Justice Press

A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit publisher on restorative justice

Living Justice Press (LJP) publishes books about social justice and community healing. We focus specifically on restorative justice and peacemaking, and within this field, we concentrate our work in three areas.

First, we publish books that deepen the understanding and use of peacemaking Circles. Circles help people deal with conflicts and harms in ways that promote justice and “being in a good way” as a way of life.

Second, because restorative justice draws directly from Indigenous philosophies and practices, we publish on Indigenous ways of understanding and practicing justice.

Third, we publish the voices of those “in struggle” for justice. Our books seek to apply what we have learned about healing harms between people to the larger and more systemic challenges of addressing harms between peoples.

Besides being nonprofit, LJP is all-volunteer. We have no salaried staff or employees. Believing in the value of the work of authors and the restorative justice work keeps us going.


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