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A Homecoming for Oshea

On March 7, 2010, Oshea Israel was welcomed back to his Northside community in a celebration hosted by Mary Johnson and the From Death to Life Advisory Committee. About thirty friends and supporters of Mary and Oshea gathered at St. Jane House to share a meal and offer encouragement to Mary and Oshea as they continue their journey of hope and healing.  With Gwen Chandler Rhivers as Circle Keeper, participants gathered in a circle to reflect on this tremendous moment and offer their support to Oshea during his transition from prison.   

Read the inspiring story of Mary coming to forgive and reconcile with Oshea, twelve years after he took the life of her only son.
Interview with Francisco Parra, a Circle Participant

This interview was conducted by Shareece Homes, a junior at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. She interned at the New York Center on Violence and Recovery in 2008.

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