Living Justice Press

About LJP

Founded in 2002, Living Justice Press is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose purpose is to publish and promote alternative works about social justice and community healing. Every time we place one of our books into someone's hands—a student,  judge, parent, business owner, or community activist—we provide a chance for that person's understanding of justice to evolve and deepen in ways that can be challenging or even life-changing. By distributing and promoting our books, we act as a catalyst for  dialogue on more holistic ways of dealing with conflicts and harms.

We publish books on restorative justice and peacemaking. Within this field, our concentration is two-fold: first, to promote the understanding and use of peacemaking circles as a means to deal with conflict in many different settings; and second, to publish the voices of  those "in struggle" for justice. Our books seek to apply what we have learned about healing harms between people to the larger challenge of healing harms between Peoples.

Publishers play a critical role in effecting social change, because they decide which books are available for use in college courses, community justice initiatives, trainings, law enforcement, and social service programs.

At Living Justice Press, we have chosen to publish books that take the restorative justice dialogue to deeper levels by addressing racism, historic harms, and other conflicts between Peoples. To this end, we privilege the voices of those not otherwise heard.




Our Mission

Inspired by restorative justice and community peacemaking, LJP acts as a catalyst for rethinking what justice means in every aspect of life. Our books explore how individuals, families, schools, communities, and Peoples can respond to hurts and conflicts in ways that promote understanding, healing, and deep change - personal to systemic. We publish books that are useful to practitioners and educators in the field, as well as the general public. We are committed to publishing books that are clearly written, attractively produced, made to last, and affordably priced.

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