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National Coalition of Community-Based Correctional and Community Re-Entry Service Organizations (NC4RSO)

The mission of NC4RSO is to support community groups (primarily nonprofits) in the jail, prison, and re-entry context and the growth of additional such organizations throughout the U.S.  NC4RSO, as an umbrella association for community groups within corrections, recognizes the need for communities to engage in making communities safe, support tangibly corrective paths for current and formerly incarcerated individuals, and to create/encourage community contexts that reduce the potential for high-risk demographic groups to head toward paths of crime and incarceration.  Individual organizations work toward specific aspects of these topics; as a coordinated coalition, NC4RSO works to increase the number of community-based corrections-related services, advocates for objectives of common interest for member organizations within the prison and re-entry contexts, broadens prison-related community engagement, and supports the development of topic and/or region-specific prison-related initiatives.

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