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We survive on book sales and donations. For years, we worked as an all-volunteer staff, so that all our funds could go to producing books and keeping our operation going. Now we are beginning to pay ourselves, which is critical to being able to keep going.

Our early years: Foundation help

A few grants got us started. The Fund for Nonviolence gave us two grants, which launched our work. Pat Clark, Betsy Smailer, and Don Lane made this happen. The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Dubuque, Iowa) and Yvonne Sexton of the Sexton Foundation (St. Cloud, Minnesota) also gave LJP generous grants at critical times. And the Archie and Bertha H. Walker Foundation, the Butler Foundation, and the HRK Foundation, all in the Twin Cities, supported LJP books by Indigenous authors. LJP exists because they believed in us in those early years.

Folks who have stood by us

A number of individuals have stood by us since:

Lisa Albrecht, Mike Baden, Sherry Behm, Margaret Berrisford, Gerald Breidel, Ernest J. Breton, Jeannine Breton, Mary Joy Breton, Joan Breves, Cathy Broberg, Dave Buck, Clark Erickson, Sid Farrar, Deborah Feeny, Bridget Fensholt, Barbara Gerten, Rita A. Guild, Sister Theres A. Hadro, Don Haldeman, Wendy Holdman, Karin E. Holser, Wanda Joseph, Terrence Kayser, Christopher Largent, Eric and Laurel Lein, Harriette Manis, Cecilia Martinez, who most recently donated in honor and memory of Rudy Martinez, Ann Mathews-Lingen, Ruth Newman, Melanie Ounsworth, Kay Pranis, Susan Sharpe, Pat Siljenberg, Roger Sonnesyn, Dave Spohn, Sue Stacey, Joan Thalhuber, Pat Thalhuber, Clara J. Thompson, Jill Warren, and Howard Vogel.

Several other enduring donors wish to remain anonymous. You helped us hang in!

Circle in the Square supporters

In 2011, we have been delighted by the heartfelt support for Nancy Riestenberg's Circle in the Square: Building Community and Repairing Harm in School (release date February 2012). It is wonderful to see people who know Nancy and believe in her work to come forward to support her book. Some prefer to remain anonymous; others have allowed us to tell you who they are:

Pamela Anderson, Heidi Bagg, Stan Baker, Amy V. Bintliff, who donated in honor of Nancy's Circle work in Minnesota, Janet Connors, Jonathan Cowgill, Kathryn Dangler, James Epperly and Marion London, Kim Ewing, Lorie Fontaine, Barbara Gerten, Kate Greenway, Barbara Sugarman Grochal, Peggy Hanson, who donated in memory of Dr. Joseph Triggs, Monica Ruth Hatch, Susan K. Hayes, Belinda Hopkins, Terrence Kayser, Jonathan Kidde, Lyn Levy, Julie Marthaler, Cecilia Martinez, who most recently donated in honor and memory of Rudy Martinez, Bonnie Miller, Ruth Mooney, Ruth Newman, Gary and Jan Noble, who donated in honor of The Honorable Human, Marjorie Noonsong, Melanie Ounsworth, Anne Parker, Christa Pierpont, Kay Pranis, Jim Radde, Leslie Rapp, Nadja Reubenova, Daniel Riestenberg, Nancy Riestenberg herself, who donated in memory of Charlie, Patrick Riestenberg, Patricia A. Siljenberg, Susan Stacey, Casey Stangl and John Spokes, John and Dorothy Stratton, Yvonne Thomas, Clara J. Thompson, Jennifer Trombley, Dorothy Vaandering, Michael Walsh, and Kevin Williams.

Wow! Thank you!

Still going ... with more books to come

You keep us going—as donors, book buyers, readers, authors, reviewers, teachers and professors, students, booksellers, RJ and Circle practitioners, folks who talk up our books, commentors, volunteers, and community members.

We have some powerful books in the works, and LJP books are reaching ever-wider audiences, now also through e-books and Google Books. We're still here, we're growing, and you are helping us at each step, so thank you—hugely!

Denise Breton, Mary Joy Breton, Deb Feeny, & Loretta Draths
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