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Restorative Justice in Schools
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The Restorative Way - Jamie Williams and Oscar Reed: The mission of The Restorative Way is to enhance and expand opportunities to help create restorative cultures in schools, faith based organizations, families, communities and businesses; opportunities for the people to make positive healing connections. 

Transforming Conflict: National Centre for Restorative Approaches in Youth Settings:

Transforming Conflict has been pioneering relational and restorative approaches in school settings and in children's homes since 1994.They have been extending support to Youth Offending Services for several years and the new Referral Panel Members' training course uses a unique model of restorative practice. Located in the UK.


Restorative Measures in the Schools: This site by educator and Circle practitioner Jack Mangan presents the basics of Circles for teachers and students and gives examples of how to "keep" a Circle with students. It is very simple and practical. It gives examples of how the Circle process can be applied to dealing not only with hurts and conflicts but also with moral dilemmas, managing behavior issues, and individualized education plans (IEPs).

Restorative Practices Impact Public Schools in Minnesota: An Interview with Nancy Riestenberg:

Nancy Riestenberg is a prevention specialist with the Minnesota Department Education. She works with violence prevention education, restorative schools, safe and drug-free schools and coordinated school health programs. She was interviewed by journalist Laura Mirsky at IIRP's Third International Conference on Conferencing, Circles and other Restorative Practices in August 2002.

The South St. Paul Restorative Justice Council:  "Established in 1996, the South St. Paul Restorative Justice Council works within the city’s two elementary schools and combined junior/senior high to bring restorative measures to the classroom and the community through a wide range of programs and opportunities."

"The Council also collaborates with other community and governmental agencies to expand and support safe and healthy citizens and relationships among community members. Restorative practices are used in civic and faith communities as well. The South St. Paul Restorative Justice Council works with the City Police Department on neighborhood issues. The Dakota County Attorney's Office is expanding its relationship with the Council to address juvenile offenders in a restorative manner within the community."


"EdChange is dedicated to equity and justice in schools and society. We act to shape schools, organizations, and communities in which the full diversity of people have opportunities to live, learn, and thrive free from oppression."


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