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Attached Document or FileRestorative Justice in Oakland Schools: Implementation and Impacts  Authors: Sonia Jain, Dr.PH, Henrissa Bassey, M.P.H., Martha A. Brown, M.Ed, Preety Kalra, Ph.D. Reviewers: Alison K. Cohen, M.P.H., Dense Curtis, Rinat Fried, Komoia Johnson, Cat Kealey, Barbara McClung, LMFT, Moira De Nike, Emilio Ortega, and David Yusem.
Attached Document or File"Restorative Practices: Fostering Healthy Relationships & Promoting Positive Discipline in Schools"  Developed by the Opportunity to Learn Campaign, Advancement Project, American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association with the help of a working group of educators and school personnel.
Attached Document or FileVoices of Youth in Chicago Education: Research  
Attached Document or FileEnding the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track: A Program of Advancement Project  News, info-graphics, resources to support RP in schools
Attached Document or FileImplementing restorative justice practice in schools: what pedagogy reveals  By Dorothy Vaandering, April 2, 2013
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