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Alternative Approaches to Law

International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers (IAHL):

The International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers is a non-profit corporation headquartered in Vermont. It has a national board, a few local/state chapters, and a membership, which comes from all regions of the United States as well as a few other countries.

The IAHL membership has a unique and diverse character as the journey to finding more joy, satisfaction and meaning in life has many different paths. In this organization you will find lawyers who are also therapists, healers, musicians, jugglers, and parents. You will find members who are exploring different ways of practicing law, who are learning how to deal with the stress of the legal profession, who are becoming healthy and whole, and who are passionate about helping the legal profession become more open and responsive to its clients and the world at large.

The Society of Renaissance Lawyers:

The website of the Society of Renaissance Lawyers offers a comprehensive look at how the concept and practice of law is changing, with extensive explanations and links for transformative law, collaborative law, therapeutic jurisprudence, community lawyering, restorative justice, and many other approaches to making the practice of law more healing and less divisive. The Society offers a variety of services--networking, a speaker’s bureau, coaching, student support, a newsletter, conferences, and other events. It aims to be a clearinghouse of information about alternative approaches to law.

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