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Who You Can Talk to About Circles

About the Lists


The lists of "Circle people" on our site include people who have some experience with Circles, whatever that experience may be. These individuals are willing to serve as a resource for others.


Although these lists include Circle trainers and keepers, they are not limited to them. Anyone who has significant experience with Circles and their uses in different contexts can provide valuable insights and support for others. Because Circles are community based, networking and sharing experiences are critical.


If, for example, you want to bring together a Circle to deal with a decision or conflict, finding people locally who have experience serving as community members in a Circle process and who might be available to participate voluntarily could make a huge difference in the Circle’s effectiveness. “Third parties” play a vital role in Circles.


These lists are intended to connect those who have experience with Circles with those who want to use Circles in their lives and work


  • Maybe you face a conflict. 
  • Maybe you want to bring a group together for a Circle training to build community. 
  • Maybe you want to arrange or attend a training to learn how to make Circles a regular part of your work life. 
  • Maybe you want to learn how to use Circles with your children and family members. 
  • Maybe you are going through a transition—divorce, loss, or illness—and seek support. 
  • Maybe you or someone you care about is struggling. 

Though Circles are by no means a panacea, they can offer a dimension of support and constructive dialogue that is often missing in modern life.


Circle Trainers offer Circle trainings, which are usually four consecutive days in length. These can be powerful and transformative experiences for an existing group to deepen their relationships or to work on contentious issues. They can help build communities across factions and divides. Or they can create community around a shared concern or endeavor.


Circle Keepers are available to facilitate Circles that are likely to involve intense emotions or that require complex decision-making or conflict resolution processes. Circle keepers have both training and experience in how to focus the deep philosophy of Circles in ways that facilitate a mutually respectful and satisfying resolution of a conflict.


People with Other Experiences with Circles include community members and organizers. Some of the people listed have experienced Circles through their professional work: judges, probation officers, teachers, principals, administrators, prison staff, social workers, lawyers, businesspeople, hospice and elder care workers, and law enforcement. Other people have engaged with Circles as members of a community: a family, a neighborhood, a church, or a school. Still other people listed here run organizations or programs that use Circles extensively.


All these people can serve as valuable resources and support for those involved with Circles, whether as newcomers to the process or as longtime Circle participants.


Please help us get the word around

Such a list cannot possibly be all-inclusive. Many people involved with Circles may not know about this list, or they might prefer not to be listed. This list is open, and we invite anyone involved with Circles to send us their information. Please help us develop this list by spreading the word around. The list is informational, not promotional. Those listed describe the kind of experience that they have had with Circles.

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